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Mik Towse mik.towse at xemik.com
Fri Mar 3 11:41:39 GMT 2017

In article <5616b52caccvjazz at waitrose.com> Chris Newman  wrote:
> I have a Lenovo laptop with 250 GB SSD. It runs Windows 10 & has VA 4.39 on
> a partition. It came from RComp.
> The SSD  failed & a local firm put in a new one in & reinstalled W10. The
> VA stuff was saved.
By saved, do you mean you just copied it back on to the new drive rather than
re-install it? If it's the former, then you may be missing vital Regostry

> VA exe doesn't always work. I have to click it several times to get
> something to happen. (It has alays been a bit flaky).
> Now, when it does work, it won't initialize correctly.
> I get the Boot menu green screen with
> 1. Boot from ADFS harddrive
> 2  Boot from CD drive
> W. Configure machine
> X. Exit to desktop
> Y. Exit to command line.
Obviously this is not correct. You should have an entry to boot from HostFS.
Silly queston, but did you try W to see if you can configure anything?

> Also an error error message thus...
> An error occurred during Boot
> Incompatible host
> Press any key to continue
> I can exit to desktop but if I click on HardDisc4  I get
> "Error when reading HostFS::HardDisc4.$ - Not Found
IIRC VRPC defaults to minimal ADFS HD configuraion of it can't find your
'real' boot drive.

> From the Virtual Acorn I can open HardDisc4. I can even get some things
> working eg !Organiser, !Ancestor+ etc  ie anything that doesn't need !Boot
> to be seen.
> So I know HardDisc4 is there & everything in it looks as it should be.
You say that VRPC is on a partition, did you set the drive letter for the
partition on the new drive to the same as the one on the old drive? Also,
have you tried running VRPC from the main partition? 

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