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> I was doing some work with VRPC and a friend arrived to visit, so I just
> closed the Laptop lid, putting it into hibernation.

> What I'd forgotten was... The battery is getting to the end of its life so
> doesn't last that long without a power connection...

> Anyway friend stayed longer... I forgot Lappy and came back to it the next
> morning when I did remember, open the lid, but of course it had auto shut
> down when minimum power setting was breached.

> The biggy surprise was, plugging it into the mains, giving it a minute or
> so then pressing the On button, it automatically returned with the VRPC
> intact, everything as it was when I closed the lid, and ready to go.

No surprise if you were using hibernation. Hibernation saves the 
entire contents of memory to disk, in hiberfil.sys (a hidden system 
file), then powers off. When you power on, it restores the memory and 

The default of standby simply reduces the power consumption. As a 
result losing power during standby requires a full reboot.

Resuming from hibernate can cause problems for VA if the environment 
has changed, for example you've plugged in or unplugged the network 
cable, or the wireless network has changed. Under these circumstances 
VA may need restarting.

Apart from that, it is sometimes necessary to press alt-enter a few 
times to get the display back.

Alan Adams, from Northamptonshire
alan at adamshome.org.uk

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