[Virtualacorn-list] Mention in passing

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Thu Aug 19 06:05:22 BST 2010

It has been noted that some folks still have trouble, when for example a
laptop is put to sleep/hibernation with VRPC running, that there are
problems when it starts up again.

In the past I did have this problem myself, but running an updated VRPC on
a Win 7 laptop...

I was doing some work with VRPC and a friend arrived to visit, so I just
closed the Laptop lid, putting it into hibernation.

What I'd forgotten was... The battery is getting to the end of its life so
doesn't last that long without a power connection...

Anyway friend stayed longer... I forgot Lappy and came back to it the next
morning when I did remember, open the lid, but of course it had auto shut
down when minimum power setting was breached.

The biggy surprise was, plugging it into the mains, giving it a minute or
so then pressing the On button, it automatically returned with the VRPC
intact, everything as it was when I closed the lid, and ready to go.



Dave Triffid

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