[Virtualacorn-list] Slow computer response

lists Stuartlists at orpheusinternet.co.uk
Mon Oct 5 10:19:27 BST 2009

In article <888009a550.Alan.Adams at laptop.adamshome.org.uk>,
   Alan Adams <alan at adamshome.org.uk> wrote:
> Was that norton Antivirus, or Norton Security Tools? I've found the 
> latter, which includes antivirus, to cause quite a lot of such issues, 
> and then be remarkably difficult to uninstall after its subscription 
> has lapsed.

Is it Norton or is it Mcaffe that you have to get a special removal tool
off their website to be able to uninstal properly?

Stuart Winsor

Risc OS Midlands show Sat 5th Dec.

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