[Bru-list] November Dates

qUE (3rdevent.net) que at 3rdevent.net
Sun Oct 30 12:11:19 GMT 2011

Yeah, did think the first week might be a bit soon after the show right 
after I pressed send on my e-mail client :S
I was then later told I may be DJing a party on bonfire night so I'd 
ideally need that week clear to prep.

Anyway, I'll expand the dates for the other weeks because there were 
having issues with the last dates last month;

Tuesday 8th
Wednesday 9th
Thursday 10th

Tuesday 15th
Wednesday 16th
Thursday 17th

Tuesday 22nd
Wednesday 23rd
Thursday 24th

As for the Hackspace lot, more people meeting up with similar lines of 
interest will always be a good thing :)
Maybe should drop an e-mail to any peeps related to the BBC 
microcomputer fandom, since we've all got a history with Acorn generally.


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