[Bru-list] Dates/venues for autumn 2011 meetings

Jim Nagel bru at abbeypress.co.uk
Sat Oct 8 16:27:51 BST 2011

Trevor Johnson  wrote on 6 Oct:
> I propose a meeting next Tue 11 Oct, either back at the Air Balloon or
> somewhere else in central Bristol that you can all get to.
> While I won't be able to make it, the following of you can (or could
> at the time) do so: Jim, Moss, Chris, Que & Vince

Is this definitely on?  I can make it, but I have to say I'm feeling 
unenthusiastic about the trek just at this time.  Lots of jobs around 
here to finish before my sister arrives from Canada on the 18th.

I'd be happier to leave it till a date after the London show.

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk

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