[Bru-list] Dates/venues for autumn 2011 meetings

Vince M Hudd vince at softrock.co.uk
Thu Oct 6 23:47:51 BST 2011

Trevor Johnson <trevor.johnson at laposte.net> wrote:

> I propose a meeting next Tue 11 Oct, either back at the Air Balloon or
> somewhere else in central Bristol that you can all get to.

Sounds like a plan.
> While I won't be able to make it, the following of you can (or could at
> the time) do so: Jim, Moss, Chris, Que & Vince (who I guess may have taken
> an earlier holiday in the end).

I stayed at home in the end to try to finish sorting the chaos I created
when I stayed at home a couple of months back and, following that, try and
get some actual RISC OS related stuff done. I failed. :)

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