[Webchange-list] WebChange 2.95.25 now available to download

Vince M Hudd vince at softrock.co.uk
Sun Mar 11 13:24:19 GMT 2012

I've just uploaded version 2.95.25 of WebChange to both the standard and
users' sites:

Users of the free version can download it from:

Users who have purchased it can get it from:

Version 2.95.24 fixes a minor bug/irritation. 

Specifically, while you could use a " character in the find/replace strings
from the front end, it wasn't possible to include one in strings within a
WebChange script. This is because when passing the initial settings to the
script language is handled in a slightly different way to reading/changing
them within the script language itself.

However, it is now possible to do this, in the same way that it could be
done with the old 26bit version: By preceeding the " character using a
vertical bar: |"

Note, however, that this only works (within scripts**) when wildcards (more
correctly "wildcards and special characters" - the partly written manual
does cover this) are enabled: When wildcards are switched off, if you
include |" in a string you will, quite literally, get |" in that string!

** Because of the difference between changing settings within scripts, and
passing the initial settings from the front end, it's still possible to use
a " in the find/replace fields from the front end, even when wildcards are
disabled. Just to confuse matters. :)

Version 2.95.25 includes a change I implemented to help find a bug that, it
turned out, wasn't there - but it's a potentially useful change anyway.

When using the three processes that insert a file's date, size, or contents,
if the specified file couldn't be found, WebChange instead inserted a simple
error message: "Bad file specifier"

This error is now expanded to include the local path that WebChange thinks
should be the location of the file (ie the link used, converted to a RISC OS
absolute path).

So, for example, if ADFS::HD4.$.MySite.index/html contained:

<!-- FileUpdate:"foo/bar.html" --><!-- /FileUpdate -->

The foo/bar.html would translate as ADFS::HD4.$.MySite.foo.bar/html

If that file wasn't there, the html would now contain, between those tags:

Bad file specifier: ADFS::HD4.$.MySite.foo.bar/html

That's not the sort of thing you want to see in uploaded pages, but the
point is that you'd want to investigate what the problem is and fix it
before uploading.

The bug I was looking for, incidentally, is that after making it possible to
include " characters in strings in the script, all my file update/size tags
were giving me a bad file specifier. It turned out I'd accidentally tested
the code on the *actual* WebChange site - turning all "s into 's - I was
tearing my hair out trying to work out what the bug was in WebChange, but
when I added the file path to the error, I saw immediately what had


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