[Webchange-list] Changing perl scripts

Richard Porter ricp at minijem.plus.com
Tue Mar 15 22:04:58 GMT 2011

On 15 Mar 2011 Vince M Hudd  wrote:

> Tim Hill <tim at timil.com> wrote:

>> ... Unless you change

>> !WebChange.Choices.Markup to include the filetype you want to edit.

> Or ...PlainText, which *might* be better, depending on the nature of what's
> in the files.

> However, I thought I'd long since updated WebChange to use a Choices folder
> within !Boot - why is yours still contain in the application? =:o

No problem - I found the Choices file.

>>> I suppose one way around this would be to set all the files to type
>>> html, update them and then change them back to perl (&102)?

>>> What does it do with other file types that might have html within their
>>> content?

>> Webchange doesn't 'know' or 'understand' the different between PHP, HTML
>> or plain text. A match is a match!

> I'd be a bit worried about what process that (in a limited way) understand
> HTML make of PHP and Perl /containing/ HTML. Their very nature might mean a
> simple HTML tag isn't a simple HTML tag (being split between writes and
> variables), so (for example) the tag case changer could make a mess.

> If you're only really intending the search and replace to operate on them,
> it's probably better to put them in the Plain Text file.

It was a simple search and replace this time - nothing complicated. I 
was just changing a fixed attribute value in lots of places so no 
variables involved.

Thanks for the advice.

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