[Webchange-list] Status Update: 26th June 2010

Vince M Hudd vince at softrock.co.uk
Sat Jun 26 16:09:20 BST 2010

I've polished off a few more loose ends since the last version uploaded
(which fixed a major bug to do with dragging multiple objects). Nothing
major, but FWIW:

* The Save dialogues have been tidied up and made a bit more compact.

* There is now an 'open' button next to the path icon in the main
  window. If the dragged item is a folder, clicking this will issue
  a filer_opendir for it. If it's multiple objects (or a file), the
  button will issue a filer_opendir for the containing folder.

* The 'Show process list' in the processes menu now causes the backend
  to generate its object list (the files and directories that will be
  potentially processed) and filer_runs it so that it opens in a text

Note: I've not uploaded this version. This is a for information only post.

The only major function now left to write is the 'Index List' one -
which I intend to look at tomorrow.

After that, the really big task is the manual - but as a temporary measure,
I'll release the software without one, referring users to the old manual (as
I've done for these releases) while I work on a new one.

So, provided nothing significant happens to stop me working on the index
list function tomorrow, it looks like WebChange's planned official launch
date of 30th June, to coincide with Soft Rock Software's official 21st
birthday, might actually be possible.

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