[Webchange-list] Beta Version Now Available

Vince M Hudd vince at softrock.co.uk
Sun May 4 14:29:49 BST 2008

I've now finished adding the usernames and passwords to the temporary
download page, cobbled together a quick page and uploaded the mostly
working beta version of WebChange Pro.

This can be found at: http://www.webchange.co.uk/ru/

This is the version that was being demonstrated at Wakefield. I've
done no further work on it between then and now, and I'll hold back
on doing any more for the next couple of weeks - I'm more interested
in making sure what's there is working, before doing anything else,

Please report all bugs and issues etc to this mailing list, to ensure
I have them all in one place - and note the things I've already
spotted (mentioned on the above page) and which I don't need to be
told about.

You will need the username and password that you will have used to
obtain previous versions - though the system provided by the new hosts
does mean that some people's access details had to be modified
slightly. In addition to this, I suspect I was using an out of date
copy of my users database, so some users' details may be missing

Therefore, if you find that your username and password won't let you
in, please contact me at vince at softrock.co.uk, and I'll let you know
your updated access details (or create a new set as necessary). If
possible, please try to use (or mention) the email address you would
have been using at the time of purchase, and provide your full name
rather than any kind of nick name - doing so means I am better able to
check my records.

Vince M Hudd
Soft Rock Software

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