[Webchange-list] Am I the only WebChasnge User Left?

Ron. Briscoe ron.briscoe at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Apr 22 18:51:48 BST 2008

In article <gemini.jzqlq5000fef70418.vince at softrock.co.uk>,
   Vince M Hudd <vince at softrock.co.uk> wrote:


> > Is the 32bit WebChange ready?

> No. :p

Drat and double drat :-(.

> But it's not far away from a beta release for existing users - maybe a
> month or so after Wakefield - and far enough along that I can show
> people it in use at the event. Unfortunately, I won't be /selling/ it
> at the show, though.

I'll pop along to see it in action ;-).

> I had a quiet afternoon at my office, so I drafted up a message to
> post tonight as a bit of a status update. A general overview of what's
> working, what's not (yet), and stuff like that. I'll polish it off and
> post it shortly.


Regards Ron.

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