[Webchange-list] Am I the only WebChasnge User Left?

Vince M Hudd vince at softrock.co.uk
Tue Apr 22 18:25:17 BST 2008

Ron. Briscoe <ron.briscoe at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi all,

> Or, "Hi Vince", if I am the only member on the list.

I haven't looked (yet) to see how many people have subscribed.

I was too scared, in case I discovered I was the only person left who
was actually using WebChange (or wanting to on a 32bit box).

I'll look now that there actually /is/ someone other than me...

...there are a grand total of 10 people (including me) subscribed,
which isn't very impressive.

That said, if memory serves,there tended to be not many people
subscribed to the list in its previous incarnations. No matter how
often I said to people "the best way to report issues with the
software is to use the mailing list, so that I have them all in one
place..." I'd get reports sent directly to me at various different
addresses, handled on various different machines.

> Still going to Wakefield Vince?

Yup. I'll be heading up Friday, and returning Sunday.

> I am thanks to a lift, both ways I hope, from the estimable Doug
> Webb.

See you there, then.
> Is the 32bit WebChange ready?

No. :p

But it's not far away from a beta release for existing users - maybe a
month or so after Wakefield - and far enough along that I can show
people it in use at the event. Unfortunately, I won't be /selling/ it
at the show, though.

I had a quiet afternoon at my office, so I drafted up a message to
post tonight as a bit of a status update. A general overview of what's
working, what's not (yet), and stuff like that. I'll polish it off and
post it shortly.

Vince M Hudd
Soft Rock Software

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