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Sat Dec 12 17:09:08 GMT 2020

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          Chris Hughes via Virtualacorn-list <virtualacorn-list at riscository.co.uk> wrote:

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><virtualacorn-list at riscository.co.uk> wrote:
>> I have been having problems for a while trying to get the incoming mail
>> for virtualacorn-list at riscository.co.uk to arrive the the correct folder
>> as the posts keep arriving in my inbox instead of the mailing list
>> instead of the above folder.
>> The new Hermes list aw-software-discuss at riscository.co.uk is now also
>> arriving in my inbox again instead of the mailing list.
>> What do I type in to the appropriate filtering rule inorder to receive
>> these posts to the correct folders?
>> I have in Messenger Pro filtering rules, Edit filter
>> Name, Virtual Acorn mailing list
>> If matched, store message in
>> Virtual Acorn mailing list
>> In matching criteria *virtualacorn-list at riscository*
>Mine is set to
>Subject = *[Virtualacorn-list]*
>That works for me.

I have tried that thanks Chris and it works.
I'll now try the Acorn list to see if that also arrives in the correct




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