[Virtualacorn-list] Filters

sdhull at btinternet.com sdhull at btinternet.com
Fri Dec 11 20:12:17 GMT 2020

I have been having problems for a while trying to get the incoming mail
for virtualacorn-list at riscository.co.uk to arrive the the correct folder
as the posts keep arriving in my inbox instead of the mailing list
instead of the above folder.

The new Hermes list aw-software-discuss at riscository.co.uk is now also
arriving in my inbox again instead of the mailing list.

What do I type in to the appropriate filtering rule inorder to receive
these posts to the correct folders?

I have in Messenger Pro filtering rules, Edit filter

Name, Virtual Acorn mailing list

If matched, store message in

Virtual Acorn mailing list

In matching criteria *virtualacorn-list at riscository*

Also in Hermes mailing list filtering rules, Edit filter

Name Hermes mailing list

If matched store message in

Hermes mailing list

Matching criteria  *hermes*

Any help gratefully received to help with the correct filtering.




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