[Virtualacorn-list] Boot problem

Gavin Crawford gav at dentrassis.com
Thu Jun 28 22:56:19 BST 2018

I've had the same thing happen on a number of occasions when my pc hasn't shut down properly.
It's the cmos ram file that is corrupt.
On your install CD there should be a utility to reset the cmos ram. That should fix things.

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Hello folks,

The VA on my netbook has ceased to function correctly due to a power failure
i.e. Billy Muggins here pulled the mains out, forgetting the battery was not
in. Duh!!!.
Windows 10 recovered but VA won't boot. I get the error message  An error
occurred  during Boot. File '&.!Boot' not found.
I can use the green page Boot menu & exit to desktop. Everything is painfully
slow & the pointer stutters dreadfully. However !Boot is there on the Hard
Should I 
a) Start from scratch & re-install the whole thing (Will my original unlock
key still apply?).
b) Drag over a !Boot from the original disc.

Any thoughts?


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