[Virtualacorn-list] Network time

David J. Ruck druck at druck.org.uk
Sun Oct 16 14:27:11 BST 2016

On 16/10/2016 07:46, Dave Symes wrote:
> I've just looked at the original VRPC-DL download and SyncClock is in that
> version, but I've since Updated to Select versions ending up at 6.20 where
> it has not been brought along.

Right, while looking to see where my SyncClock module might be hosted, 
I've found a few topics on ROOL and VRPC forums. Firstly; it looks like 
its been dropped from later VRPC versions and there is now a HostClock 
plug in instead. I've no idea how that works though.

Secondly due to a change in RISC OS 5.2x SyncClock gives the wrong 
result if the timezone is not GMT or DST is set. No one let me know 
about that, so it hasn't been fixed.

But I suggest that if you have a NTP module in the OS (such as 
RTCadjust), you use that. If on a laptop, set it 1 to 5 minutes update 
interval, so it syncs the clock shortly after coming out of sleep.

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