[Virtualacorn-list] javascriptEtc

Bob Ardler ardler at argonet.co.uk
Fri Oct 21 11:25:40 BST 2016

Prevented by quasi-flu from attending Monday's Rougol so couldn't
learn what current ROs can/can't do. Reasons for RO here: the superior
GUI with menu, adjust, stable clearly visible Dirs & files, easy file
saving/moving (+v.much more); and, for daily maths sheets manufacture,
TechWriter, Draw, Beeb-Basic and the Edit/StrongEd/Zap troika and, despite
all advice, the tinkerable-below PipeDream. Also the human touch:
providers help you 1 on 1 (imagine phoning Californian Tera-barons).

Current snags: (1) despite VAlist-advised download of NetSurf 3.5,
no access to the high proportion of javascripted sites (the chief
reason for VA?) (2) spells of torrential unnamed updates/downloads
(3) pressed wrong button on HannsG HU196D monitor, which now won't
switch off, has become silent, invades work with large yellow message.
Can't find anything on the web about its 6 buttons. So: is there either
RiscCube-with-RO4 software or a pure RiscOS machine with
full (*FFUUULLLL*) java-etc web access? (Oh, and do the Linux riscositors
have happy lives without needing CompSci PhDs?)


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