[Virtualacorn-list] Multi-core processors

Vince M Hudd atdotcodotuk at dotcodotukat.co.uk
Sat Mar 26 10:36:03 GMT 2016

This is a reply to a question raised on the NetSurf mailing list - answered
here because it's not really on topic for the browser.

Brian <bbailey at argonet.co.uk> wrote:

> It does beg the question. What happens when NetSurf runs in VRPC on a Win
> 7 machine with a multi-core processor? Does VRPC take advantage of
> multiple cores?

Almost certainly not - but you can force it to run on a particular core if
you like, and then increase its priority. (I'm not sure if Brian is a
subscriber, but once this is posted and appears in the list archive, I'll
reply to him on the NetSurf list with a link to the post). 

Run VRPC in a window, and call up the task manager.

On Windows 8, you need to click on the "Details" tab, then right click on
the program to call up the context sensitive menu - but I've a vague notion
that on 7, the next bit might be on the menu in the initial task manager

Right click on VRPC to get the context sensitive menu.

Somewhere on that menu there should be an entry "Set affinity" - and that
should give you a dialogue allowing you to set the processor core in use.

In most cases, it'll have 'All processors' ticked, as well as each of the
individual cores. Untick that, and ensure the core you want 

Now back to the menu again. Above the 'Set affinity' entry you should see
'Set priority' - and that should lead to a submenu, from which you can set
the how much priority is given to the program.

In both cases, these will only take effect for the current session - i.e.
until the program is quit.

You can make it more permanent by changing the way the program is run;
launching it from a suitably crafted command line, which can be put in a
batch file - but I'll leave that for now. Any suggestion that this may be
because I've forgotten the exact format may or may not be true. ;)

Vince M Hudd
Soft Rock Software

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