[Virtualacorn-list] WinClip another problem

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Fri Jul 29 21:04:26 BST 2016

In article <55a76b8989brian at carrolls.me.uk>,
   Brian Carroll <brian at carrolls.me.uk> wrote:

> There is a special setting for Virtual Acorn in the New Host
> dialogue; I presume you have set this?

> Brian.

Thanks for the note Brian.

Sorry I have no idea what you mean by "special setting" would you like to
expand please?

Unless on the Win side Uniserver-Properties-Clipboard, you mean
"virtualacorn" which is already there.

I perhaps should point out this is all happening on one machine, the VRPC 
is running on the Win 7 PC.

A copy from VRPC RO can be copied to the Win PC side and pasted.
I cannot copy from the Win PC side and paste in RO.



Dave Triffid

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