[Virtualacorn-list] WinClip another problem

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Fri Jul 29 10:01:21 BST 2016

Trubble, trubble, nuffink but trubble...

VRPC-DL running RISC OS 6.20 is working very well, but I just can't get
the Clipboard part of UniControl to speak/listen to the PC side or Vv, so
before I have a blood pressure explosion I'm going to give up.

So I decided to try WinClip. 
Worth noting I have WinClip installed on other older version of
VRPC-Adjust SA. (Installed a long time ago) that work okay.

I have version 0.22 of WinClip ready to install.
VAclipboard.dll is installed in the correct place.
CallWin32.dll is installed in Plugins.

But on the RISC OS side complete failure because it keeps telling me
CallWin32 must be installed for WinClip to work.

So to save half a page or more of my twaddle, starting from scratch, can
some kind person run me through the install and config process for



Dave Triffid

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