[Virtualacorn-list] White Screen of death or constant hour glass

Jeremy Nicoll - ml VA jn.ml.vac.83 at wingsandbeaks.org.uk
Wed Jul 6 23:40:55 BST 2016

On 2016-07-06 17:22, Chris Newman wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have a Lenovo E50-70 RISCBook Windows 7 -64 bit from RComp.
> It runs  Virtual Acorn Adjust 4.39  Strong Arm.
> Often, when I shut down VA & return to Windows, I get a constant hour 
> glass &
> the pointer is completely unresponsive ie no folders, files or programs 
> will
> open. I have to shut VA with the task manager &usually don't get 
> control of
> the Windows side back.
> Also, sometimes, while using VA it suddenly goes into a window which is
> completely white & I have to close with the Task manager.
> Andrew suggested stopping the CD player from the VA side as they are
> sometimes troublesome. Done that. No joy I'm afraid.
> All the programmes I have on this machine I've used on other instances 
> of VA
> without any problems so I don't think there is a clash there.
> Has anyone ever experienced this or know the cause?

Do you run VA full-screen, or in a window?

If full-screen, does your antivirus/malware software have a 'game mode' 
where it
accomodates apps that are running full-screen... and if so does it treat 
VA that way?

If you run VA in a window, does the Windows stuff happening outwith the 
VA window also
go all-white, or does it still work?

After you've had one of these VA shutdown problems, if you look back in 
the eventlogs,
is there nothing indicated?

Are your graphics card drivers uptodate?   Or have they been updated 
recently and the
problem only just started?

Jeremy Nicoll - my opinions are my own

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