[Virtualacorn-list] White Screen of death or constant hour glass

Mik Towse mik.towse at xemik.com
Wed Jul 6 17:48:00 BST 2016

In article <559b804a73cvjazz at waitrose.com> Chris Newman  wrote:
> I have a Lenovo E50-70 RISCBook Windows 7 -64 bit from RComp. 
> It runs  Virtual Acorn Adjust 4.39  Strong Arm. Often, when I shut down VA
> & return to Windows, I get a constant hour glass & the pointer is
> completely unresponsive ie no folders, files or programs will open. I have
> to shut VA with the task manager &usually don't get control of the Windows
> side back.
> Andrew suggested stopping the CD player from the VA side as they are
> sometimes troublesome. Done that. No joy I'm afraid.
> All the programmes I have on this machine I've used on other instances of
> VA without any problems so I don't think there is a clash there.
> Has anyone ever experienced this or know the cause?
Have you turned off User Account Control on this computer? It has been known
to get upset on older Windows versions when using VRPC. 

Only other thing I can think of is to ensure you are running it as an
Administrator & all the VRPC directories accessed by VRPC have the correct
User privileges.

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