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Brian Jordan brian.jordan9 at btinternet.com
Sun Jul 3 16:04:23 BST 2016

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> After a bit of experimentation it does indeed seem to be graphics
> related. When the Windows clipboard is genuinely empty the WinClip icon
> on the VA bar shows a question mark and the icon cannot be dragged to a
> filer window. When the error occurs the icon again shows a question
> mark but in this case it can be dragged to a filer window, changing in
> the process to a translucent Sprite icon before stopping with the same
> error message. I don't remember having seen this error previously so my
> best guess is that something on the Windows side, maybe recently
> installed, is writing to the clipboard without my knowledge and this is
> the result.


I have been looking at this again and it seems that from time to time I
can, when working on the windows side, copy text to the clipboard and
subsequently paste it into other Windows software but WinClip, on the VA
side, doesn't recognise it as text and behaves in the way I have
described. I don't recall having seen this behaviour before but I now
have enough insight to be able to live with it.


Brian Jordan
Virtual RPC-AdjustSA on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
RISC OS 6.20

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