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John McCartney j.mccartney at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Apr 7 08:05:31 BST 2016

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> > After updating Kaspersky, GWX Control Panel and Windows
> > (in that order), I uninstalled everything to do with
> > the graphics card, ran CCleaner, rebooted and moved the
> > AMD folder from the C: drive to another drive. Reboot
> > again.
> > Time to run VRPC. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!
> > "Acorn RiscPC Emulator with RISC OS Adjust has stopped
> > working"

> As Druck says, I'm inclined to think CCleaner is the
> likely cause of this.

As I've said to Druck, it hasn't affected VRPC on this
laptop so I'm not inclined to suspect it. In any case, I've
just checked both machines and searches in RegEdit fail to
find any mention of VRPC.

> > The offer to check on line for a solution proved
> > fruitless so I copied the problem details which I
> > include below. I got the same result with my backup
> > copy of the whole installation which was on an external
> > USB HDD.

> Rather than a backup of the whole installation - which I
> take to mean your VRPC installation, so may not include
> external elements that CCleaner may have cleaned for you
> - I'd suggest a reinstallation of VRPC.

I have it installed on its own SSD in the  machine and the
external backup is from a couple of weeks prior to when
VRPC was last run (little new data added in that period).

All applications and data are on a new mount (HardDisc5)
except for PS3 and PrintPDF which are in the Printing
directory on HardDisc4 (don't ask me for a rationale - if I
ever had one it's long forgotten) so reinstalling VRPC
shouldn't be too difficult. However, I'll ask on the forum
before I take that step



John McCartney
j.mccartney at blueyonder.co.uk

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