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T.O.M.S. admin at toms12.plus.com
Tue Apr 14 10:47:29 BST 2015

On Mon Apr 13 17:54:06 BST 2015, Chris Newman cvjazz at waitrose.com

>> See the support article 112 ref, the 'WinUI' sub-section in the
>> VirtualRPC VA.cfg file:

>> http://www.virtualacorn.co.uk/support/articles/112/index.htm

> Yep. Knew about that but the reference is to ProcessorPriority,
> not UIPriority.

I'm so sorry Chris, I gave you the wrong support article number. (More
haste, less speed = stupid boy...)

Try support article 104 on

That gives more detail on both the ProcessorPriority and UIPriority

But NB that there's also an equivalent support article '104m' for Macs
on http://www.virtualacorn.co.uk/support/articles/104m/index.htm

> Does UI mean  User Interface as I suspected all along? Does it refer
> to the RISC OS User Interface or perhaps the Windows one which
> you can see if you have VA running in a Window (so to speak).

The blurb in article 104 seems to imply that both Processor and WinUI
Priorities are Windows things. But as the same blurb also appears in
the Mac article 104m, maybe it's common to both platforms - and/or
maybe a VirtualRPC thing after all. I am not understanding.

>> (BTW, if you look for something in the Forum, and nothing comes
>> up, it's often worthwhile entering the keyword into the 'Search
>> VirtualAcorn' box on http://www.virtualacorn.co.uk/index2.htm -
>> that often gives good lead(s) to something within the Support
>> articles, as well as in the Forum.)

> I'd already done that for UIPriority & could find nothing;  no
> explanation
> or recommended values.

Suggest try to keep the search box entry as simple as poss. For
example, entering just 'UI' takes you to the above support article
(albeit the Mac version 104m; a sneaky trap for players...)

Entering (say) 'Priority' takes you to hits for both articles 112 and
104m - but at least it gets you into the right area.

The alternative when searching is to go to the recently
very-much-expanded Technical Support Assistant, accessed via the
VirtualAcorn Support page on http://www.virtualacorn.co.uk/support.htm
Then select Windows or Mac OS as appropriate. Scroll down to the much
longer Support articles index and take your pick. In this particular
example, it's the very first entry - "Description of the VirtualAcorn
configuration files" - which funnily enough takes you to support
article 104 (or 104m for Macs). HTH

Alex Hamilton
pp T.O.M.S.

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