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T.O.M.S. admin at toms12.plus.com
Sat Apr 11 12:36:12 BST 2015

On Fri Apr 10 13:08:28 BST 2015, Chris Newman cvjazz at waitrose.com

> I was reseting the Task Priority on my Virtual Acorn SA 4.02
> StrongArm on Windows XP laptop when I noticed the
> UIPriority was set to 3. I did a search on UIPriority in the forum
> & nothing came up. What does the UI stand for please?

'[Windows] User Interface' perchance?

See the support article 112 ref, the 'WinUI' sub-section in the 
VirtualRPC VA.cfg file:


> What would a sensible value be?

Looks like 0 (zero), unless you have problem symptoms, in which case
try 3?

(BTW, if you look for something in the Forum, and nothing comes up, 
it's often worthwhile entering the keyword into the 'Search 
VirtualAcorn' box on http://www.virtualacorn.co.uk/index2.htm - that 
often gives good lead(s) to something within the Support articles, as 
well as in the Forum. HTH.)

Alex Hamilton
pp T.O.M.S.

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