[Virtualacorn-list] Another VA mystery

Brian Jordan brian.jordan9 at btinternet.com
Sat Oct 4 15:30:06 BST 2014

In article <544ebd45fcbrian.jordan9 at btinternet.com>,
   Brian Jordan <brian.jordan9 at btinternet.com> wrote:
> I have run VA on several Windows machines with a variety of OSs but
> today I found a new problem/feature. Until now when I shut VA down it
> shut down gracefully and exited to the Windows desktop. As of this
> morning after VA shuts down I get a Windows error message to the effect
> that VA has stopped working which I know. Windows then kindly searches
> for a solution to the problem and I have to provide a mouse click in
> order to continue. Presumably there is a setting somewhere where I can
> explain that Windows is highly unlikely to resolve this and that I
> would prefer not to be nagged. Anyone know where I might be advised to
> look?

This is all resolved. The strange VA behaviour presaged a Windows 8.1
hissy fit. Windows was refreshed, some missing stuff was grabbed back
from the NAS and all is well.


Brian Jordan
Virtual RPC-AdjustSA on Windows 8.1 Pro
RISC OS 6.20

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