[Virtualacorn-list] Alt-break

Barry Punchard barry.punchard at btinternet.com
Sun Sep 29 12:52:17 BST 2013

I am looking for what key combination will give me alt-break for VRPC-AdjustSA
running RISCOS 4.39 (or any other), please?

My previous laptop had a labelled break key (so no problem), but the new Samsung
NP550P5C laptop doesn't. I have tried ensuring Tools : Options : Keyboard/Mouse
: 'Windows Key is Break Key' is checked. But using the left alt or right Alt Gr
key with the windows key doesn't seem to give any response.

Using Kell Gatherer's !KeyTest utility shows that the Windows Key alone produces
448 (&1C0), whether the option above is set or not. Is this break?  Alt +
Windows key gives no result in !KeyTest.

When 'Windows Key is Break Key' is not set, the windows key puts VRPC into a
window and the screen goes white, but alt/return will restore it.

When VRPC is in a window, its menu option 'Action' : 'Break' gives 27 (&1B) in
!KeyTest which I believe is escape in a real RPC.

Any help appreciated.

TIA Barry
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