[Virtualacorn-list] VA and ROOL 5.nn

David J. Ruck druck at druck.org.uk
Fri Sep 13 13:51:17 BST 2013

On 13/09/2013 13:03, Dave Symes wrote:
> The RPCEmu bridge is the problem, VRPC sees *it* not the network card...
> If you switch the bridge off, then VRPC can once again see the network
> card to which it's locked... VRPC will work again.

It's any sort of bridge which causes VRPC's poorly designed 
authentication to fail. Bridges may be used for laptop top docking 
connectors, running virtual machines, etc.

VRPC can be broken by any changes to networking which alters the 
enumeration order, such as adding a network card or turning on bluetooth.

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