[Virtualacorn-list] VA and ROOL 5.nn

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
Thu Sep 12 09:47:22 BST 2013

On 12 Sep 2013, at 09:30, charles <charles at charleshope.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> On 12 Sep, David Pitt <pittdj at pittdj.co.uk> wrote:
>> In message <5389a63980dave at triffid.co.uk>
>>  Dave Symes <dave at triffid.co.uk> wrote:
>>> Not sure why anyone would want to substitite 6.20 on a VRPC install
>>> with retro ROOL 5.20/21 but there you go, a friend has asked, and I
>>> don't know the answer.
>> It it were possible then it is just a decision, which bunch of 
>> facilities does one prefer and is any 26bit only needed.
>> We are where we are, there are two forks, there have been two forks 
>> for some years now and there will probably continue to be two forks in 
>> the future. I can't be bothered with all that anymore but I do have 
>> choices.
>> I cannot think of any compelling reason why one would want to run 5.20 
>> in preference to 6.20 on VRPC.
> perhaps to use the same OS on two different machines allow. If you take a
> file created on one machine and can't handle it on the other, that is a
> serious problem.

That would be a problem, it has not happened here but I do not have OS6.20, only OS4.39. 

Thinking a little bit harder one issue might have been the decompression failure that could happen when later ROL OSes tried to run stuff compressed by some ROOL tools but I thought that had been sorted.

If OS5 really is required then a suitable platform has to be found for it, as far as we know no one has made OS5 run on VRPC.

David Pitt

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