[Virtualacorn-list] MDF for 2560x1440 pixel monitor

Roger Darlington rogerarm at freeuk.com
Mon Nov 4 08:04:03 GMT 2013

On 3 Nov 2013, Bruce Goatly wrote:
> T.O.M.S. wrote:

>> Many thanks to all of you for your helpful inputs. As a result, we've
>> been in trial-and-error mode for the last couple of hours and *may*
>> have sussed out a working solution.

> Good news!

>> On Sun Nov 3 17:35:15 GMT 2013 David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
>> sayeth:
>>> I have just tried the 2560x1440 mode above in 16M colours on
>>> my 1920x1200 iMac and though it did seem display OK but
>>> VRPC was not entirely stable with it when in full screen mode
>>> giving errors like "abort on instruction fetch at &00000090".
>> Understood, that rings a bell.  So question for Bruce G: Do David's
>> observations tie in at all with the comments you made last March, when
>> you said:
>>> I'm finding the ARM7500 model too unstable ...  - things keep
>>> falling over...
>> and which caused you to reduce the colour depth to 32K, when it all
>> came good?
>> If so, I sense the problem *may* be that the screen memory in 16M
>> colours is close to the ARM7500 core emulation limit (thought to be
>> 16MB) and which may be triggering the hiccups. But who knows? I
>> certainly don't...

> I vaguely remember something of the sort...

> However, I'm not completely certain which model I'm using now... I think it's
> Arm710 but I no longer get the startup menu because some time ago it
> seems that
> I amended line 2 of VA.cfg to "forceselect = 0" and removed all the Models
> folders to VirtualRPC.app/Contents/Resources Disabled/ and left only
> Arm710 in
> the Resources/Models folder (does all that make sense? My memory is hazy). So
> the foregoing may not be relevant any more.

I think you need to be running ARM7500 model for 16MB VRAM, not ARM710



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