[Virtualacorn-list] MDF for 2560x1440 pixel monitor

Tim Powys-Lybbe tim at powys.org
Sun Nov 3 12:03:18 GMT 2013

On 2 Nov at 17:57, "T.O.M.S." <admin at toms12.plus.com> wrote:

> Hello Folks
> We've had a query in from a keen user of VirtualRPC-AdjustSA for Macs
> - so keen that he's thinking of upgrading to a Big iMac with a 27"
> monitor (goes green with envy).
> The monitor's native resolution is 2560x1440 pixels, i.e. 16:9
> widescreen, and ideally he'd like to use 16M colours within RISC OS.
> As there's already a RISC OS MDF available for 2560x1600 pixels in 16M
> colours (many thanks to mohsen for that), using the ARM7500 core
> emulation, presumably the 'lesser' requirement is feasible.
> Can anyone help with a RISC OS MDF for 2560x1440 pixels please? TIA.

I would question whether he really needs to run RISC OS full screen. 
That big size of screen cries out for having multiple windows on the go
at the same time.  Further it is so easy to exchange files between Mac
and RISC OS, that a cooperative form of working soon develops.

Further, my version of RISC OS (1.6.6 and how does one upgrade?) once it
is in full screen completely locks out all access to a second screen so
this two-monitor configuration becomes a complete waste of time.  And,
again on this version, the only way to get out of full-screen mode is to
open up the VirtualRPC application and manually alter the VA.cfg file.

All that said, yes a special MDF is needed to match with a Mac window
size; I have tried altering the MDF but always end up with one or two
lines missing on the display.  By taking screen shots from the Mac side,
the usable RPC window is 1626x997 pixels.

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