[Virtualacorn-list] Screen resolution - MDF needed

Bruce Goatly bruce at goatly.co.uk
Mon Mar 11 18:46:37 GMT 2013

T.O.M.S. wrote:

> Note that this needs 14400K of screen memory in 16M colours, so you'll
> need to use the ARM7500 core emulation. Otherwise the colour depth
> will drop to 32K with ARM610 or StrongARM.
> HTH. (Please could you report how it works out, TIA).

Thanks very much - that's astounding! Unfortunately I'm finding the ARM7500 
model too unstable (I never tried it on my old machine so I don't know 
whether it's down to the change of venue) - things keep falling over until 
eventually the Task icon disappears and I can't even quit cleanly with 
Ctrl-Shift-F12. But I'm happy with 32k colours and an amazingly big work 
area in ARM610!

I can't use the 'Menu' area on the new touch-sensitive mouse (though a 
normal buttoned mouse works fine) - there may be an OS setting on the Mac 
that I've not worked out yet.

(I just saw the note about using 1440 instead of 1470 - in fact, 1470 worked 
fine but I've changed the definition anyway!)

Thanks again,


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