[Virtualacorn-list] Loosing internet connection with XP

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Sat Apr 24 16:23:58 BST 2010

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>>> Have you tried resetting the router when it happens? Might be that the
>>> DHCP lease has expired & not renewed properly.
>> No I haven't but the Iyonix can still access the web so the router is
>> working for that machine. I'm not an expert here but I would have
>> thought that the DHCP address would be the one that the router used
>> when contacting the server.
> The DHCP address is the one allocated by the router to each computer attached
> to it. So if one computer doesn't get a valid address it wouldn't be able to
> connect to the network, but the others should connect ok.

> And, of course, anything on a fixed address should work just fine.

I'm back home again now.

My apologies, I seem to have given the wrong impression. The DNS URL 
given to all the machines on the network is the (fixed) address of the 
router ( for my router). All the machines have fixed 
LAN addresses. I assume the Virgin Media server converses with the 
router using DHCP.


Ralph & Valmai Stevens
In leafy Epping

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