[Virtualacorn-list] Loosing internet connection with XP

Jeremy Nicoll - ml virtualacorn jn.ml.vac.83 at wingsandbeaks.org.uk
Wed Apr 21 16:06:52 BST 2010

ralph_valmai at ntlworld.com wrote:

> I have a RISCube with XP emulating RISC OS 4.39. This is on a LAN with 
> an Iyonix, and a RiscPC (4.39) or an XP laptop as needs require.
> The RIScube and the laptop sometime loose their internet connection, 
> reporting that it could be a DNS problem and offering to investigate 
> and repair the connection.

What's reporting the loss of connection?

Is that a wireless conection (in which case, I'd say losing one often is

> On all but one occasion when this happened the Iyonix still had an 
> internet connection

- and might that be a wired connection to the router?

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