[Virtualacorn-list] VA on new machine

stephen.hull at btinternet.com stephen.hull at btinternet.com
Sat Sep 5 22:09:07 BST 2009

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>          stephen.hull at btinternet.com wrote:
>> My old laptop running VA has become a bit slow and outdated these
>> days so I have bought a new one and I wish to install VA in it.
>> But I'm not permitted to have two copies of VA unless I pay extra
>> for another copy to run on the new machine, but I want to replace
>> the old machine, how do I go about this? Do I pay for extra to use
>> on another machine or can I just transfer everything over and
>> contact VA for the new licence code?
>Install VA on your new laptop.
>Copy over your HardDisc 4 folder.  It' it is large, you may want to
>zip it first.
>Uninstall VA from your old laptop.
>Start VA.  Email VA with the details provided and asked for by the
>licensing screen.  Don't forget to mention in the email that you have
>uninstalled it from your old laptop.
>Paul Stewart -  Far Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England.
>(msn:paulstewart at phawfaux.co.uk)
That sounds simple Paul ;-)
I have installed VA on the laptop today, but I hadn't thought of
copying the HardDisc folder, this will be much easier to transfer
all my files across in one go, then obviously uninstall VA on the
old laptop and contact VA on Monday for my licence key.

Many thanks,


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