[Virtualacorn-list] VA on new machine

Dr Alan Leighton alan.leighton2 at ntlworld.com
Sat Sep 5 12:00:54 BST 2009

In message <a91bfa9550.Steve at btinternet.com>
          stephen.hull at btinternet.com wrote:

> My old laptop running VA has become a bit slow and outdated these
> days so I have bought a new one and I wish to install VA in it.
> But I'm not permitted to have two copies of VA unless I pay extra
> for another copy to run on the new machine, but I want to replace
> the old machine, how do I go about this? Do I pay for extra to use
> on another machine or can I just transfer everything over and
> contact VA for the new licence code?

> Thanks,

Honestly  Stephen just ring up Aaron. He will ask you the facts and 
then he will ask you for the number in the CD box and give you a new 
number to enter on your new machine. I have had the same one on my old 
Dell that died and my old school machine that I scrapped in both 
instances Aaron let me transfer to the next machine.




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