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Keith Pascall klp at klpascall.plus.com
Sat Oct 3 10:25:00 BST 2009

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> Keith Pascall <klp at klpascall.plus.com> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I am getting a problem in Virtual RPC with typed letters being missed out.
> When VRPC is running, at the lower righthand corner of the enclosing
> frame(*) there's a display of how fast the emulation is running (Mips etc).
> It's worth getting used to keeping an eye on that.  If it's a good high
> number you know that the VRPC application is getting sufficient cpu time etc
> from Windows; if it's a low figure then nothing will work properly.
> * I don't run VRPC full-screen, but instead inside a window that extends to
> about 95% of the overall screen.  This makes it much easier to get back to
> windows if eg a windows app pops up an error window underneath VRPC's one.
> It also means you can readily position another windows app's window where
> you can see a little of its contents.  Sometimes I put the windows task
> manager where I can see how much cpu is going to other tasks.
I use a window about 80% of screen - gives full size for 1400 x 1050

> Remember that if you Ctrl-Alt-Del while VRPC is running you should get the
> windows task manager to pop up.  Sometimes that's the only way I can wrest
> control back (and get the windows mouse pointer again).
> I think you should arrange to be able to see the Windows task manager
> display's 'processes' pane, and first click twice the CPU column, which will
> then show you a sorted list of which windows tasks are using the most cpu
> time.  If - for example - an antivirus process is regularly gobbling up cpu
> this is how you'd find out what the culprit is.

Seems to be at the top of the list most of the time (with setting 3)  -
will continue to monitor.



Keith Pascall

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