[Virtualacorn-list] VRPC on Mac OS X10.5.7 and later

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
Sun Aug 30 06:18:52 BST 2009

Jeremy Nicoll - virtualacorn <jn.ml.vac.83 at wingsandbeaks.org.uk> wrote:

> David Pitt <pittdj at pittdj.co.uk> wrote:
> > I did eventually notice that the order the interfaces as shown in
> > 'ifconfig' varied, if en0, ethernet, was first then VRPC would run, but
> > if it was trumped by either, or both, of en1, airport, and fw0,
> > firewire, then VRPC failed to unlock.
> I would have thought that one could use Ifconfig (or peraps some other
> command) to remove all definitions except the one that VRPC needs to see
> present.  That might be done with the Mac equivalent of an Obey file
> (whatever that might be) issuing some "Ifconfig <address> delete" commands
> (though that's probably not the right syntax) as the machine boots, or
> soon after.

I did try that, the relevant 'ifconfig' syntax only stops traffic on
interfaces, the interfaces are still present and still reporting their mac
addresses via 'ifconfig'.

Removing the relevant kernel extensions certainly worked but had the
unexpected side affect of stopping ShareFS in VRPC.

Snow Leopard is now in use here and that appears to have changed things
slightly and possibly for the worse. I no longer see the variations in the
order of interfaces in 'ifconfig', en0 is always last, if that remains the
case then VRPC will never ever start no matter how often the Mac is

Using the 'ifconfig' diagnostic shows my Mac mini under the TV to be
unaffected by this oddity and thus VRPC would always run.

Anyway a fix from Virtual Acorn should start to appear next week, fingers
crossed that Snow Leopard does not scupper that. 

David Pitt

MessengerPro on iMac (Snow Leopard) 

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