[Virtualacorn-list] VRPC on Mac OS X10.5.7 and later

Jeremy Nicoll - virtualacorn jn.ml.vac.83 at wingsandbeaks.org.uk
Sat Aug 29 23:13:50 BST 2009

David Pitt <pittdj at pittdj.co.uk> wrote:

> I did eventually notice that the order the interfaces as shown in
> 'ifconfig' varied, if en0, ethernet, was first then VRPC would run, but if
> it was trumped by either, or both, of en1, airport, and fw0, firewire,
> then VRPC failed to unlock.

I would have thought that one could use Ifconfig (or peraps some other
command) to remove all definitions except the one that VRPC needs to see
present.  That might be done with the Mac equivalent of an Obey file
(whatever that might be) issuing some "Ifconfig <address> delete" commands
(though that's probably not the right syntax) as the machine boots, or soon

It might be enough to precede an attempt to use VRPC with those commands.

I would also have thought that as soon as VRPC has passed its initial mac
check that one could redefine the other interfaces.  

On a Mac is there a syslog that shows the commands being issued as the
system starts?  You might be able to see what they are and reissue them?

Jeremy C B Nicoll - my opinions are my own.

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