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On 06/11/2019 15:21, Steven J Green via Bru-list wrote:
> On 06 Nov, Vince M Hudd via Bru-list <bru-list at riscository.co.uk> wrote:


>> Additionally, I want to suggest that we consider changing venues, given
>> that the food situation at Eldon House has become a bit wanting. (As in
>> "I want something to eat, but if there's anything on the menu, I'm lucky
>> if someone else hasn't already ordered the last of it").


> The Eldon House website "About" page includes the words "the new team aim
> to have a full menu on offer by October 2019". I personally prefer the
> Eldon House to the Black Castle:

Note: Other options are available; I only suggested the Black Castle 
because it ticks certain boxes: Parking, not hard to get to (although 
it's quite a bit further from my side of Bristol - but possibly more 
convenient for others), and the most important thing; a menu that offers 
plenty of choice!

> may give Eldon one more chance?

Yes - to clarify, I wasn't talking about considering a change for this 
next meeting; I was thinking we should discuss it at the meeting as a 
possible future change, and I wanted to give it at least one more chance 
precisely because of the change of management.

> The same
> page also goes on to advise that the return of Sunday lunch will be
> advertised on Facebook, which I don't use - maybe someone who does can
> check if such an announcement has yet been made and advise? This could give
> a clue as to whether or not weekday evening food might be available.

Looking on their Facebook page (which you don't have to log-in to do - 
just click on the link on their about page, though if you're only using 
NetSurf it almost certainly won't work properly) there is an image of a 
menu - which I assume is the new one for evenings (it doesn't look like 
a Sunday roast type thing!):


If that doesn't show up in NetSurf, the options are:


* Dough ball £3.50 - with cheese £4.00, or chorizo & cheese £5.00
* Hummus & Pitta £4.00
* Buttermilk chicken strip £6.00


* Classic beef burger £9.00
* Buttermilk chicken burger £11.00
* Beef royale with cheese £11.00
* The Jim Dog burger: £15.00
* Pan fried fish of the day: £13.00
* Buttermilk chicken: £10.00
* Pizza: from £10.00


* Chips: £3.50
* Cheesy chips: £4.00
* Loaded chips: £5.00
* Sharing loaded chips: £7.00
* Nachos: £5.00
* Mezze platter: £8.00

Obviously I've not included any explanatory text - but the bottom line 
is it looks like they have a few options, so provided they keep it up 
and it doesn't become a case of nobody to cook on Wednesdays because 
it's quiet (and other other, related problems), then the need to 
consider a change may now be irrelevant.

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