[Bru-list] Next meeting: 13th November

Vince M Hudd atdotcodotuk at dotcodotukat.co.uk
Wed Nov 6 09:32:00 GMT 2019

I'll be posting an announcement at some point over the weekend - so, as 
usual, if anyone has anything they're planning to bring and which I 
could therefore include, let me know ASAP.

Additionally, I want to suggest that we consider changing venues, given 
that the food situation at Eldon House has become a bit wanting. (As in 
"I want something to eat, but if there's anything on the menu, I'm lucky 
if someone else hasn't already ordered the last of it").

My initial thought for an alternative is perhaps the Black Castle - for 
some it's convenient, for me there's parking (albeit limited to three 
hours) and the menu offers plenty of choice.

(But also bear in mind I have seen comments from Eldon House about a 
recent change of ownership that mention they're planning better food 
options - so it may be that it is or will be fine.)

Vince M Hudd
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