[Bru-list] London Show 2013

Trevor Johnson trevor.johnson at laposte.net
Thu Sep 12 14:33:33 BST 2013

I see there are relatively cheap rooms here:

I've not decided how much kit I'll be taking for the Wikipedia stand,
and/or whether I'll be driving myself (if I can get the car) or going
by train. But I'm considering staying over on Fri and/or Sat, like I
think you said you are, Vince.

Willing to share a twin/triple with anyone (Chris, I know you can't
make it), but be warned that I snore... In any case, I should have
decided by the end of the week what I'm doing!

Cheers - very glad I made it last night :-)

Trevor Johnson
mailto:trevor.johnson at laposte.net

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