[Bru-list] Pre-Kenilworth meeting

Vince M Hudd vince at softrock.co.uk
Sun Jul 7 13:42:39 BST 2013


The next meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, the 10th. I will be there,
but I don't know what way I'm coming in - or even if I'll be driving or
coming by <spit>bus</spit>.

That meeting is just a few days before the Midlands Midsummer MUG show in
Kenilworth. Who's heading up?

I am (surprise surprise). Although I haven't booked my hotel yet, I intend
to go up on the Friday and come back on the Sunday. I fancy getting up there
a bit earlier than I normally would on Friday, so I can head over to the

It might be a bit crowded at the castle on the Sunday, because Saturday and
Sunday is the "Grand Medieval Joust" (which does sound fun, apart from all
the horrible creatures that will probably be there).
* Must find my English Heritage membership card! :/

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