[Bru-list] Raspberry Jam Bristol

Trevor Johnson trevor.johnson at laposte.net
Tue Jul 17 22:58:29 BST 2012

There are currently 5 slots taken (including RISC OS) in the draft
programme for the 20 Aug launch. We partially discussed what we think would
be good in terms of presenting RISC OS, at our meeting last week. Chris, I
think that your distro and bundled software will only become more popular
in the run-up to the ROOL/RPi launch (assuming things go to plan).

If we're in "frozen image" territory by mid-August, then it might be good
to retain a historical download of the image used at our Jam. That way,
those present at the event would have less surprises to encounter. Does
that sound reasonable, is it too early to think about or am I waffling?

So, is anyone willing to consider volunteering to present RISC OS to the

Here's another copy of the posted summary

- Show example of anti-aliasing and CloseUp
- Mention fonts CD from EFF
- Say how user can print (I don’t know what the plan is - !Printers to PDF
? )
- Add SVG<>Draw utility (as Draw doesn’t saveas SVG)
- Mention ‘no keyboard present’ will disappear
- Mention ADJUST button (RH)
- Note menus context not drop down/title bar
- mention drag & drop/ save into another app
- mention filetypes explicitly specified & association controlled by app
- mention active window vs. input focus and not necessarily on top
- mention command line commands can be shortened by ‘.’
- mention BBC BASIC with built in assembler, ease of use with error recovery
- mention RAMFS
- mention memory management and task display
- develop !Cat to offer ‘Find’ function for names, ‘Launch’ option for
displayed file, save dialogue for stored draw file
- mention Vince’s software

Perhaps we can try to arrive at some sort of structure to things for the
session. How's this for starters? (It's looking like filling dangerously
more than 10 mins!)

1. Intro, what's being presented. Some acknowledge ahead of its time in
certain areas when introduced in the 1980s. Use in education, DTP,
scorewriting, games conversions/home-grown. Xemplar? Props? BBC micro,
A3000, RiscPC, Iyonix, BeagleBoard (not running, just visual aids)?
Summarise early history and ultimately how RISC OS ended up here tonight:
Acorn, ARM, Archimedes, NCs, Pace/STBs, 32-bit, Iyonix, OMAP, Raspberry Pi.
Replaced by cheaper industry-standard Wintel machines. Ask who in audience
knows nothing about RISC OS?
2. Boot RPi - maybe repeat, for those who blink ;-)
3. Briefly run through aspects of welcome text (they can do that in detail
themselves later)
4. Brief GUI stuff and some differences with other OSes, e.g. FSes, RAMFS,
apps on icon bar, memory managment, task display, pinboard
5. Straight into programming: some BASIC stuff with visual output - ideas?
e.g. approx. raspberry shapes plotted at random, finishing with printing
"RISC OS on Raspberry Pi" or something
6. Demonstrate (from Zap/StrongED/whatever) altering a couple of lines and
seeing immediate effect, e.g. text string to refer to Bristol, size/number
of raspberries, uncommenting some stuff to take a text input for appending
to text shown at end, e.g. "Where is the farthest place someone has
travelled from tonight?" (excepting Alan O'Donohoe, who's travelling from
Preston), also uncomment for a screensave for later use?
7. TaskWindow, e.g. file info, copying from CLI?
8. Back to desktop and maybe throwing together a document in
OvPro/EasiWriter/Impression (if Aemulor working well), incorporating plain
text (already prepared), bodged raspberries (preferably created in front of
the audience, if time) using Draw & ArtWorks.
9. Opportunity here to demonstrate input focus/active window, drag/drop,
context-sensitive menus, adjust button, dialogue boxes off menus, CloseUp
for anti-aliasing/EFF CD/printing
10. ArtWorks classics? (Apple, Midget?)
11. Draw->SVG (but I think not the other way round)?
12. Brief mention of other programming environments, including BASIC
assembler. Also modules & OS comprising them.
13. NetSurf, drag/drop saving downloads, screenshots to Filer windows
14. Other GUI aspects, more adjust stuff
15. GPIO stuff? (may need video camera if available to enlarge on
16. Music (if sound working)
17. Demos out, if no sound or Aemulor
18. Shortcomings (maybe *not* best placed close to the end, where they risk
becoming lodged in people's minds!)
19. Shutdown
x. Unaccounted for so far: shortening of commands using ".", !Cat find,
Vince's stuff

If presentations are shorter than the 10 mins or so, that's fine and will
give more time for people to see any other small demonstrations in the
room, and talk 1-to-1 with people.

I think the projector may only accept VGA input, as at the London Jam:

Therefore, I'm thinking of asking if we can do a reccy a week before, say,
Mon 13 Aug. I'll also approach Maplin for the loan of an HDMI-VGA converter.

What do you all think of this? Would this sort of stuff be useful as a
presentation? How else could it be done?



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