[Bru-list] Domain name

Trevor Johnson trevor.johnson at laposte.net
Tue Jul 3 13:47:29 BST 2012

Now "all" that's needed is a website!

The subdomain is flexible, as you say. There's also scope for hosting
a general users' support forum at some point, if ROOL think that's
outside their remit:
(although that'd mean lots of users from all over the place being
willing to help out and moderate, etc. and may also cost more money
for hosting cost/admin).

This reminds me, I never did get to the bottom of the AAUG situation:
Maybe I'll remember to try to speak with Dan Shimmin in person at this
year's London show.

Sorry I can't make the Midlands show this weekend. If Ben (and/or
Andrew - presumably Steve won't be there again) is there on the ROOL
stand, I have some questions somewhere for a planned interview for
Archive. Ben's had them by email but has been too busy to answer them.
Perhaps someone else would fancy putting them to him in person if I
can locate them (and also update a little for the SD card driver and
other recent developments). Any takers?

Trevor Johnson
mailto:trevor.johnson at laposte.net

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