[Bru-list] Domain name

Vince M Hudd vince at softrock.co.uk
Tue Jul 3 12:27:55 BST 2012

I think a simple website is overdue for the group. With that in mind I've
looked at the more obvious domain name options - for example, the most
appropriate would be either bru.org or bru.org.uk, but both are already
taken, as is .co.uk

However, I then thought: Why not register "riscosusers.org.uk" and put
"bristol" as a subdomain?

So I've registered the domain. :)

Importantly, it's expandable - eg, if they wanted it, I could set (say)
wakefield.riscosusers.org.uk to send people to WROCC's website, and so on.

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