[Bru-list] November Dates

Vince M Hudd vince at softrock.co.uk
Mon Oct 17 22:02:16 BST 2011

"qUE (3rdevent.net)" <que at 3rdevent.net> wrote:

> I'll try and start the ball rolling since I've not heard much since last
> posts to the list.

> Wednesdays in November;
> 2nd
> 9th
> 16th
> 23rd
> 30th

> I should be able to make any of these, which dates can everyone else make?

Currently, I'm available for any of them. The 2nd is the Wednesday
immediately after the show, so those of us attending should still just about
be able to remember what happened - but it might be too soon for anyone (eg
Jim) who has to travel all the way up to Brizzle.

> any ideas about pubs to meet at?

I'll leave that for everyone else to decide.

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