[Bru-list] London Show, 23rd October

Vince M Hudd vince at softrock.co.uk
Thu Oct 21 09:30:23 BST 2010

As most of you probably realise, one of the main shows of 2010 takes place
this Saturday at the St Giles Hotel in Feltham, near Heathrow - see the link
in the sig. I'll have a small stand there, where I'm happy to discuss just
about anything.

Well, anything *relevant* anyway!

As usual, I'll have a pile of leaflets on my stand, including the one we
devised to drum up interest in a possible revival of a Bristol group. Who
knows? It's not /that/ inconvenient a show to get to from the Bristol area,
so maybe there will be visitors who aren't aware but who would be

At the moment we still don't have enough people to make it viable - 14
people subscribing to this list at the moment, and a couple of those,
possibly more, are people who wouldn't be able to attend meetings due to
being slightly too far out, but close enough to make the list potentially
relevant to them.

Out of interest, who else on this list will be visiting the show? I know
Trevor has said he will be there - and I can see at least one name I
recognise from the list of exhibitors. But who else?

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          RISC OS London - October 23rd, St Giles Hotel, Feltham

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